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Vetted Solutions joined other worldwide executive search and leadership consulting firms in one voice to combat racism, prejudice and discrimination within our organizations, with candidates and with the clients we serve. Click here to read the AESC pledge and principles.

We Are All A Part of the Solution. Click here to read it.

With the elections behind us, it’s time to once again think about how to unify as best we can – and focus less on arguing and more on finding a path forward. It’s not a cliché from a civics class. It’s the blueprint we all need to put politics behind us and deal constructively and collaboratively with the significant challenges facing our society.

At Vetted Solutions, it means redoubling our efforts to help clients build the exceptional leadership teams they need to contend with the world of today and tomorrow. It means helping associations, nonprofits, and other organizations define their evolving leadership needs – individuals capable of rising to challenges posed by COVID-19, economic stress, and changing membership expectations and the demands of the larger world. It means working harder than ever to identify and recruit top talent.

We all benefit when we focus much more on what unites us rather than what divides us. We’re stronger and better when we make inclusivity our guiding principle. Such a mindset ensures that the rising demand for top talent translates into opportunity for all – meaning fair and equitable access to leadership positions. To unite in a common effort to build associations, businesses, and other organizations that will thrive in our changing world, we must unite putting aside division. Ability, experience, merit, impartiality, respect – all must again emerge as the cornerstone principles of executive search, and our entire society.

All of us at Vetted Solutions will do our part. We’ve never stopped believing in these values or in the importance of what we provide to our clients – the best possible leaders for a dynamic world. We hope others will share our perspective with the same commitment to making the election a starting point in building a better future for everyone.

Let’s get back to work.

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