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David Malpica - Senior Associate

David Malpica is an experienced recruitment specialist with exceptional skills in using modern technology as a key element of effective search. David offers a unique mix of the organizational and process management skills critical to search. Coupled with an infectious passion for his work, his unique skill set has made him highly popular – and effective – in dealing with both clients and his Vetted Solutions colleagues.

David is certified in a wide range of search-related skills, including talent sourcing, human resource management, talent development and retention, and performance analytics. His experience in the human resources field has made him particularly effective in working with clients to identify their individual hiring and human resource management needs and requirements.

With Vetted Solutions, David’s experience in executive search and technological expertise have made him a valuable asset in conducting the thorough research and analysis needed to assure identification and equitable assessment of a superior slate of capable, diverse candidates. His personal involvement with the arts, music and entertainment community also helps assure a continuous reminder to look for leadership solutions beyond the traditional and conventional.

Born in Venezuela, David is a graduate of Syracuse University, is based in Washington, D.C., and works closely with colleagues in Chicago and Los Angeles as well.

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